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PetroStyle Company has been existing on the Saint Petersburg market for 15 years. The projects of this solid developer repeatedly became laureates of a prestigious prizes and were honored with a lot of professional awards. Diversification of the Company's activity is very significant: there are the country objects, the projects of commercial real estate and the investment projects in the center of the Northern Capital. Mikhail Belemtsky, the president of PetroStyle, thinks that both reputation and original style distinguish his company from the others.

- Mikhail, your company has been a pioneer in the elite country house building. What qualities should the country realty have to correspond to the luxury class?

- On the whole demand for the real estate property is still too far from satiation. On the contrary, it will grow in the segment of the country realty of A-class. More and more people are getting a taste for living in the country. Having appreciated profitability of the investment of money a lot of our clients are loyal to us and continue buying the real estate of PetroStyie projects. We have resolved all quality matters: we insist that that quality must be high.This is about natural conditions, comfort and freedom. Most of our projects are built in Scandinavian modernist style. It is characterized by laconism, functionality and openness.There are no rivals in the niche we have occupied. We do not force anyone. Our cli¬ents are those people who seek for the alternative to the mainstream on the market. Our company does build exclusive dwelling. Finnish archi¬tectural office Arkval Oy helps us reach the ends of the projects. The choice of building materials depends on the idea of the proj¬ect. In a new village Medovoye (Honey Place) where the houses are aimed for domicile, even the interior furnishing and the interior itself will be implemented basing on the world top ten designers' projects. We have already had the experience of selling the houses ready for moving-in. And we are going to proceed with Medovoye. We hope to start the building process in May.

- What is special about a new Comfort-class project in Mistolovo?

- It is going to be a big project! In common with our partners we are going to build 120 thousand sq.meters of housing. The design¬ing stage is coming to the end, It is been 2 years since we have purchased the site. And it is normal because the house building process will take 5 more years. But a new residential area of low houses aimed for several families will be built. It will have the whole infrastructure: a kindergarten, a school, a policlinic, a mall and a fitness center. It will be a reaf mini-town 5 km far from Saint Petersburg- The project is aimed for the middle class customers. The commercialization of apartments will be carried out through the mortgage products and direct sales. There are few methods to reduce the prices but we use them all. First of all it is the unification of each project and architectural style, using the monolithic building method and holding a tender in choosing the builders. -Reconstruction of a mansion in the historical center of Saint Petersburg took you 2 years, Was it a demanding task? -Yes, certainly it was. The repaired building shouldn't differ sharply from the rest of the buildings. It was difficult but still possible to do. Condition of the building structure at Galernaya Street 61, built in 1864 by Ludovic Fontana, allowed us to preserve the front and the load-bearing wall panels. Inside the mansion corresponds to all the modern requirements.The building is registered for the ownership and displayed for sale. Our next investment project will be interesting too. We are going to modernize the building at Galernaya Street 15, built for the royal family in 1871. By 2010 we are to completely reconstruct the front in the classical palatial style of Saint Petersburg and replace the old floors and engineering system with the new ones. A new De Luxe class community will be here after the reconstruction Reconstruction is a perspective business sphere. The interest for Saint Petersburg is constantly rising; many serious organizations and companies are interested to have their representative offices in Saint Petersburg. PetroStyle Company is opened for investment suggestions related to all scopes of its activity - urban house building and development of the country realty.

Журнал Real Estate Investment Guide Russia, январь-июнь2008

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