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For New Investors and Partners

Since its foundation, PetroStyle has successfully cooperated with different companies and organizations, amongst which are architectural and design bureaus, construction companies, manufacturers of prefabricated houses, real estate and consultation agencies. PetroStyle is constantly moving forward, and is always interested in finding new partners.

The company is interested in cooperation with:

  • Architectural Bureaus
  • Planning Institutions
  • Design Studios
  • Credit Agencies
  • Investors
  • Real Estate Agencies

For new investors, PetroStyle is glad to offer a management system for investment and development projects.

The company uses the latest technologies of project management which allows to not only achieve the highest quality of work and economy of resources but for maintaining strict compliance with the time frames of the project. A distinctive feature of the company is a systematic approach, the first step of which is always a multivalent evaluation of a project from the very beginning, followed up by the business plan and the provision of an audit report about the profitability of the project, the risks involved, the investment figures, time constraints, and other parameters of the project.

Preliminary evaluation of the project includes the following:

  • audit of the land, its liquidity on the market, availability and quality of communication, infrastructure, surroundings, access to transport;
  • market research, presentation of recommendations and limitations on the realization of the project;
  • development of the concept of the cottage village: the category of the cottage estate, the target group, architectural style, parameters and quantity of individual plots of land, total house area, necessary infrastructure, price range;
  • development of a project business plan.

Later on in a project, PetroStyle could act as a management company and take on the following tasks:

  • The organization of a tender for the architectural idea of the cottage estate, choosing a planner;
  • The formation of a final concept for a cottage village;
  • The working out of a sales scheme with all the accompanying legal documentation;
  • The working out of a finance and tax scheme, as well as increasing the economic effectiveness of the project;
  • The design and coordination of project documentation;
  • A promotional campaign;
  • Fulfillment of the will of the client during the building;
  • The arrangement of a tender for contractors;
  • Promotion and sales;
  • The maintenance of properties.

PetroStyle is always ready to provide the investor with real-time control over the process of project realization, and evaluate the effectiveness of the project at all stages in its life cycle.

The experience of previous projects allows PetroStyle to predict high levels of profitability for the investor.

PetroStyle is open to discussion and is always prepared to consider proposals for cooperation.

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