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General Information

PetroStyle has been working on the countryside real estate market for more than 15 years. Today the company is developing a few areas of business.

Country collection

The countryside collection consists of cottage villages in the Leningrad region. For example, the Korabelnie Sosni village was planned to be a countryside club for people who value an ecologically clean environment. The completed projects Gorki SPb (in Yukki) and Visokie Yeli (in Solnechnoe) are excellently suited to permanent habitation, and can be a good alternative to a city flat. In all of these projects, countryside cottages are of the elite class. A number of the parameters of the Medovoe project, started by PetroStyle in 2007, qualify it for the deluxe class, such as being next to the city, having generous plots of land (up to 0,5 hectares), a developed infrastructure and chic and unusual architecture. The company’s plans for the nearest future are to add projects of business and comfort class in the country collection such as the current joint Mistolovo project with RBI.

Collection of wooden houses

PetroStyle has supplied Finnish wooden houses on the Russian market for many years. The company was one of the very first to assemble houses of famous producers, such as Honka, Vuokatti, Kotio and others. In 2006, PetroStyle introduced a new brand of wooden houses, Rovaniemi, authentic log houses from Lapland, onto the Russian market. PetroStyle’s previous extensive experience and expertise in the field of building made it possible for the company to choose one of the best producers of Finnish wooden houses. The Rovaniemi houses are made from mature pine that comes from Lapland, ecologically one of the cleanest parts of Finland. This type of pine, with its solid wood and straight trunk, is ideally suited for the construction of wooden houses.

City Collection

The renovation of old buildings in the historic part of St Petersburg is an important area of business for the company. PetroStyle has reconstructed buildings of famous companies such as REEBOK (75 Nevsky pr), MERCEDES (3 Elninskaya st), DTZ, CANON (3 Konnogvardeisky boulevard), BAKER&MCKENZIE (57 Bolshaya Morskaya), ARTUR&ANDERSEN, CITYBANK, ERNST&YOUNG (5 Italyanskaya st). In total the company has reconstructed more than 200 buildings. Nowadays, PetroStyle takes projects through the entire development cycle. The latest projects in this field are: 1) a building which could be either a deluxe office or a spacious residence (61 Galernaya street); 2) an apartment building that is currently under construction (15 Galernaya street).

PetroStyle projects cover a wide range of investment activities such as establishing legal ownership, developing a site, reconstructing buildings without destroying unique features of the original architecture, and the monitoring of all engineering systems until the end of the project.

Regardless of the activities in which the company is involved, it is PetroStyle’s priority to satisfy the customers’ needs, whether it is the construction of a country house, the creation of a cottage village, or the reconstruction of an urban estate. The company is able to deliver on this promise due to a combination of extensive experience, high professionalism and excellent awareness of the vagaries of the market.

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